Interactive Doughnut

Posted by Ruby Grant

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Beneficial Actualisation Model 2.0

Posted by David L Wright

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The Finnish Doughnut Economics Toolbox

Posted by Matleena Käppi

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Value Stream Mapping

Posted by Ines Garcia

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Posted by Leigh Tugwood

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  • I hope as a member that I will learn more about DEAL and use my experience if somone wants.

    Carl Johan Bernelid

    Vadstena kommun, Östergötlands län, Sverige

  • I dream of becoming a thriving society in a thriving place, while respecting people's wellbeing and our planet's health.

    Andrea Prehn

    Barcelona, Catalunya, España

  • To increase awareness and speed to implement a new economy based on the minimum social requirement and the ecological limits.

    Bart de Kler

    Rijswijk, Zuid-Holland, Nederland

  • The Corona 19 crisis served as a great opportunity to re-stress the importance of the transition from "growth-oriented” to "susta

    sunghwan kim

    Berlin, Germany

  • Personal and professional interest in advancing my knowledge on doughnut economics, meanstreaming them into, well, everything.

    Dennis Tessier

    Guelph, Ontario, Canada

  • Looking forward to contributing to making the economy of the doughnut a reality in Chile, and around the globe.

    Maria Jose Lopez Signorelli

    Santiago de Chile, Región Metropolitana de Santiago, C...

  • I want to cocreate a vision for the future based on one planet living, social justice and building community.

    Kevin Frea

    Forgebank Walk, Halton, England, United Kingdom

  • Collaboration is the only way forward, and I'm exploring connections to integrating the SDG and planetary boundaries frameworks.

    Kent Williams

    Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada

  • Curiosity to see how my skillset could be applied to DEAL.

    Simon Coker

    Boat of Garten, Scotland, United Kingdom

  • Retired professor seeks better world

    Robin Mahon

    Bridgetown, Saint Michael, Barbados

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