Interactive Doughnut

I used an online graphing calculator to make a model doughnut


A simple, intuitive, interactive model for visualising how well we are staying inside the doughnut.

At this link, you will find an example of a doughnut, where you can use the sliders under the "Inner Doughnut Controls" folder to show (out of 10) how many people are struggling with:

  • food
  • health
  • education
  • income and work
  • peace and justice
  • political voice
  • social equity
  • gender equality
  • housing
  • networks
  • energy
  • water

And under the "Outer Doughnut Controls" folder, you can show how much we are exceeding our environmental ceiling (out of 10) in terms of:

  • climate change
  • ocean acidification
  • chemical pollution
  • nitrogen and phosphorus loading
  • freshwater withdrawals
  • land conservation
  • biodiversity loss
  • air pollution
  • ozone layer depletion

Please note that the default values were chosen randomly as I am yet to do any specific research to quantify these issues.


I'd love to hear any feedback you have for things I can improve on in this model, leave a comment down bellow or contact me directly at

I'm particularly interested in any quantitative relations you can find between say, education and income because I know that all these factors are linked and a major advantage of using a calculator for this model could be the ability to accurately display the effects of a change in any of these slices.




    Alex Bernat

    Louisville, Colorado, United States of America

    I seek to share tools, to meet new allies and mentors, to inspire hope, and to cultivate my work as a systemic change-maker.

    MasterPeace Foundation

    Utrecht, The Netherlands

    Mobilize, inspire and connect talents for a sustainable future with less conflict.

    Carlos Espinosa

    Black Mountain, North Carolina, United States of America

    I agree with the Doughnut vision and I want to help developing and apply this concept on the Swannoa river watershed.

    Ruby Grant

    Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

    Kate Raworth raises alot of questions in her animated videos and talks and I want to help answer them.

    Rodolfo Pereira 22 days ago

    Ruby...this is amazing. It has a great potential if we do a database for different countries. Let's do it?

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    Ruby Grant 10 days ago

    That sounds amazing, I can definately make that happen if we can get some quantitive values

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